Visit and Package Fees

Dr. Jenna is an out-of-network provider with all insurances.  All fees are due at the time of service and a super-bill is provided for you to submit to your insurance and reimbursement is subject to your plan and deductibles for out-of-network providers.

If you have an HSA or FSA account, these can be used to pay for your visits as well. 

20% Discount for those on medicare or medicaid

20% discount for college students and Children


Initial visit- $325

This visit is scheduled for 90 minutes so that Dr. Jenna can get a detailed introduction to your health history, family health history, current health concerns, and your health goals.  Although much of this visit is spent investigating, Dr. Jenna also spends a portion of every visit educating you about what your symptoms indicate about your health. She will give you an initial treatment plan to start working on your health concerns prior to any lab work or imaging that needs to be done.  

All new patients also receive a free introductory 30-minute therapeutic bodywork session with Dr. Jenna that is often scheduled separately from your initial visit.  

Return Visit-$180

General return visits are scheduled at 45 minutes and may include treatments, lab analysis, counseling, and physical exam.  This price is the same for in person, phone, or video consults. 

Therapeutic bodywork session- $135

These visits are scheduled at 45 minutes and include only therapeutic bodywork.  Patients must be established at the clinic or have a referral from their healthcare provider for this pricing. 



Bodywork package- $350

This includes 3 therapeutic bodywork sessions scheduled at 45 minutes and there is no restriction on when you can use them. 

Intensive Treatment package- $450

This includes 4 return visits scheduled at 45 minutes that must be used within 8 weeks.  This package is designed for folks who need a lot of support with their health and require frequent visits for a focused period of time. This often improves outcomes dramatically when health concerns are complicated.