Dr. Jenna has exceptional training as a primary care physician, this means she's confident seeing any patient that walks through her door, young or old.  In addition, she has a few areas of expertise to prevent dis-ease and successfully restore the health of her patients.


Environmental Medicine

You are only as healthy as the environment you live in.   We are constantly exposed to toxins in our environment, environmental medicine assesses how toxins are effecting your health.  We then examine how to manage your exposures and your body's reaction to those exposures. Are your symptoms signs of toxin exposure?


manual therapy (medical/therapeutic bodywork)

Dr. Jenna has spent years learning physical treatments such as craniosacral, visceral manipulation, osteopathic manipulations, and myofacial therapy and now combines them into her own unique form of medical bodywork. This work can be used to support healing of physical injuries,  processing emotions and emotional trauma, and for stress management. Dr. Jenna feels so strongly about the importance of these treatments that every new patient gets a free 30 minute session to try it out for themselves.


Keto Cleanse Program 

Pre-diabetic, diabetic, overweight, obese, tired, hormone imbalance, anxiety...any of these sound like you?  Dr. Jenna is one of the first physicians trained in this effective diet and detox program developed by Dr. Bonnie Nedrow. This program has resolved or improved each of these symptoms and conditions and gives you the tools to manage lifelong health. Are you ready to change your life?