It can be more than difficult to decide what products are worth your time and money. Below you'll find that Dr. Jenna has developed a few recommendations or starting points to get you headed in the right direction.  The companies listed below are certainly not the only great companies out there but they have consistently proven to be a great place to start in your health journey.  


Dr. Jenna has 2 Berkey Water Filters, one in her home and one at the office.  They are her top recommended water filters to ensure you are drinking the cleanest water possible, especially if a whole how water filter is not the right fit for you. 


Austin Air filters keep the air in Dr. Jenna's home and office free of chemicals, infectious agents, dust, and mold particles so that you can breath easy during your visits.  If this air filter matches what you're looking for, contact us to order one at special Northwest Life Medicine Clinic Prices. 



Access to organic non-perishable foods and non-toxic household items at discounted prices. They are also delivered right to your door in completely recyclable packaging.  Thrive market works well for those who don't live near organic options, try a 30-day membership for free. 

Access to sustainable caught and raised fish and meats.  This company is based right here in Bellingham and uses local companies which are just as easy for us locals to find at the local store.  However, for folks who don't have easy access to fresh seafood, this a great source.



Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.

Fullscript houses Dr. Jenna's online dispensary.  Many specific supplements require a prescription from Dr. Jenna, however, she has made many other general supplements available to anyone who makes an account. This a great way to know you are getting pure, top quality supplements and not wasting money on supplements that may not have the ingredients they list on the label.  A few essentials you'll find here: multivitamins, Vitamins D & C, general immune supplements, non-toxic skincare products, and nutritional foods. 

All natural beauty products. The power of pure


100% Pure Organic Cosmetic line provides organic, food-based and pigmented, non-toxic cosmetics. Beauty products are one of the top sources of chemicals that we are exposed to, switching to a non-toxic brand such as this one reduces toxic exposure significantly. 

Barre3 online classes have become one of Dr. Jenna's favorite go-to fitness routines.  Barre3 combines ballet, pilates, and yoga to ensure ALL your muscles get a great work out.  In person Barre3 classes are great but if funds, time, and/or access limit your ability to try a class or start a routine, the online membership is a great alternative for all levels of physical fitness.  Click the logo to start a free trial and to get $10 off your membership should you choose to sign up.