Get Started Nutritional Assessment


Personalized Nutrition Assessment

Each and every one of us has different nutritional requirements for optimal health. Stress levels, genetics, lifestyle, and digestive ability all contribute to the need for individualized nutrition.

This in-depth, personalized nutrition assessment is geared to getting you started on optimizing your diet and lifestyle for better health. You’ll spend 90 minutes with our holistic nutritional counselor, Shaya, investigating the ins and outs of what a good diet looks like for YOU. It includes:

  • Health history review.

  • Nutritional assessment of current food habits.

  • Life balance review: Learn which lifestyle habits could improve your personal health the most.

  • Body composition analysis: Learn your percent body fat, lean muscle, hydration levels, and inflammation levels.

  • Personalized recommendations for manageable steps that can lead to big improvements.

Price: $180

Use code “SUSTAINABLE20” to receive this discount at check out.

Use code “SUSTAINABLE20” to receive this discount at check out.