Dr. Jenna's Joint Pain Plan

Joint pain can present in many different ways.  You may experience it only with or after physical activity or it may be there all the time, it could even get worse with weather changes.  The most common joints that have pain are the knees, hips, and fingers, but any joint can give you trouble if its irritated.  


Top 3 causes of joint pain

  1. Inflammation in the joint from hidden food allergies or reactions.
  2. Muscle imbalance or tightness that pulls on the joint.  Tightness if often related to dehydration.
  3. Arthritis and autoimmune disease such as Rheumatoid Arthritis. 


The initial investigation

  1. Assess diet for inflammatory foods.
  2. Investigate blood markers for inflammation, food sensitivities, and autoimmune markers.
  3. Assess muscle structure and tension as well as the alignment of the joints.


Potential treatments

  • Dietary changes to reduce inflammation
  • Ant-inflammatory supplements and herbs
  • Therapeutic bodywork, stretching exercises, and kinesio taping
  • Immune system support and balancing for autoimmune disorders