Natural Insomnia Treatment

Dr. Jenna's Insomnia Plan

Insomnia can be described as trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, or both.   The type of insomnia you have tells us a lot about what is causing it and how to treat it.   


Top 3 causes of insomnia

  1. Cortisol (stress hormone) imbalance and increased stress in your life. 
  2. Female hormone imbalance (often correlated with hot flashes)
  3. Blood sugar imbalances, particularly low blood sugar in the night time that wakes you up. 


The initial investigation

  1. Assess stress levels and cortisol levels at night and throughout the day.
  2. Assess hormone levels and balance through blood or salivary lab testing. 
  3. Assess labs for blood sugar levels as well as diet for potential blood sugar issues. 


Potential treatments

  • Adrenal support through herbs or supplements to balance stress and cortisol along with lifestyle changes. 
  • Herbs, supplements, and nutrients to balance hormones. 
  • Diet protocol, herbs, and/or supplements for proper blood sugar regulation
  • Relaxing nutrients and herbs to help with sleep until underlying imbalances are healed.