Natural Approach to high Cholesterol

Dr. Jenna's High Cholesterol Plan

Cholesterol is a component of every cell in our body and is also the building block for most of our hormones and our vitamin D. Unfortunately, it has gotten a bad reputation with the increase is heart disease over the recent years but it is actually essential to optimal health.  Along with having healthy levels (not too high, not too low) of cholesterol in the blood, it is important to have a balance of the different kinds of cholesterol with the most common kinds of cholesterol being HDL (more protective) and LDL (Less protective).    


Top 3 causes of High cholesterol

  1. Diet high in sugar and carbohydrates and low in fiber and healthy fats.
  2. Lack of proper exercise and movement.
  3. Genetic mutations that inhibit your ability to process cholesterol properly.


The initial investigation

  1. Assess diet in detail.
  2. Assess exercise and movement regime.
  3. Investigate blood markers for a break down of different types of cholesterol, blood sugar levels, insulin levels, and genetic markers for cholesterol absorption and processing. 


Potential treatments

  • Optimize diet for cholesterol control (Generally low carbohydrate, high fiber and high healthy fat diet) and for genetics.
  • Develop an individualized exercise plan
  • Cholesterol lowering supplements and herbs