Natural high blood pressure treatment

Dr. Jenna's High Blood Pressure Plan

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is officially diagnosed with consistent measurements of 140/90 or greater.  Optimal blood pressure is closer to 110/70. The top number (systolic) represents the amount of pressure in the blood vessels when the heart contracts and pumps more blood into them, and the bottom number (diastolic) represents the pressure in the blood vessels in between heart beats. High blood pressure is a problem because it makes the heart muscle work harder to pump blood into the vessels which can lead to the heart growing too large or fatiguing too early in life.    


Top 3 causes of high blood pressure

  1. Inflammation in the blood vessels.
  2. Stress, chronic stress, and anxiety.
  3. Heavy metal toxicity, particularly lead.


The initial investigation

  1. Assess diet and other sources of blood vessel inflammation and measure blood inflammatory markers.
  2. Investigate acute and life-long stress and anxiety levels
  3. Measure heavy metal levels in blood and urine. 


Potential treatments

  • Anti-inflammatory diet and Lifestyle changes to manage stress. 
  • Supplements and herbs to reduce blood vessel inflammation
  • Heavy metal chelation (removal) therapy and detox protocols.