Natural Depression Treatments

Dr. Jenna's Depression Plan

Depression or a depressed mood can effect many folks on any given day as we navigate the daily stresses of life. Depression can be constant or intermittent and can effect all ages.  Just like anxiety, there are many underlying causes that can be investigated and they are definitely not all related to just your emotions.  For example, much of your serotonin (a "feel good" neurotransmitter) is actually produced in your intestines. If your digestion is impaired or inflamed, you may not make enough serotonin which can lead to a depressed mood!    


Top 3 causes of Depression

  1. Emotional tension, life events, and stress.
  2. Hormone and neurotransmitter (brain signaling compounds) imbalance caused by genetics and chronic stress, and toxin exposure.
  3. Nutrient deficiencies and inflammation in the digestive tract.


The initial investigation

  1. Assess life events, stress and tension.
  2. Measure hormone, neurotransmitter, and toxin levels in the body to look for imbalances.
  3. Assess diet and test nutrient levels in blood along with signs of inflammation in the digestive tract.  


Potential treatments

  • Lifestyle changes to decrease anxiety along with counseling and personalized stress management techniques.
  • Determine a daily exercise or movement routine.
  • Dietary recommendations to support a healthy mood and reduced inflammation in the digestive tract. 
  • Nutritional supplements and herbs to support neurotransmitter balance and a healthy stress response.