Natural Brain Fog Treatment

Dr. Jenna's Brain Fog Plan

Brain Fog is incredibly common.  Most folks experience brain fog as a slow thought process, hard time focusing or concentrating, a hard time word-finding, or poor memory.   


Top 3 causes of Brain Fog

  1. Food allergies and/or sensitivities. 
  2. Environmental toxin exposure or poor detoxing abilities.
  3. Blood sugar imbalances, particularly low blood sugar. 


The initial investigation

  1. Assess diet and potential food allergies through elimination diets or blood tests.
  2. Assess potential toxin exposures and levels in the body through measurements of the blood and/or urine and assess the health of the detox organs. 
  3. Assess labs for blood sugar levels as well as diet for potential blood sugar issues. 


Potential treatments

  • Anti-inflammatory or elimination diet protocols
  • Personalized detox protocols and supplements to support proper detox and the detox organs.
  • Diet protocol, herbs, and/or supplements for proper blood sugar regulation