Natural Asthma Treatment

Dr. Jenna's Asthma Plan

Asthma is a reaction in the mucous membranes and muscles lining the airways.  It is often triggered by exercise, environmental exposures, cold weather, infections, or allergies and creates a tightening in the chest and limits the ability to breath.   


Top 3 causes of asthma

  1. Inflammation in the airways from hidden food allergies or reactions.
  2. Environmental exposures in the air such as heavy metals, pesticides, and other chemicals.
  3. Nutrient deficiencies that pave the way for spastic muscles in the airways.  


The initial investigation

  1. Assess diet for inflammatory foods.
  2. Investigate blood markers for inflammation, food sensitivities, nutrient levels, low grade and chronic infections, and toxin exposure.
  3. Assess living and working environment.


Potential treatments

  • Dietary changes to reduce inflammation
  • Ant-inflammatory supplements and herbs
  • Nutrient supplementation to relax the airways and support the immune system.
  • Environmental improvements to reduce irritating exposures.